The MomentMature

Notes for my new novel


Her head snapped sharply up, hair wild, and she was staring in to my eyes. Our breathing was ragged, and I resisted the urge to rub my thumb ever so lightly across her thigh where I had caught her leg. A few moments more seemed to stretch and I found myself breathing just as heavily by being so close to her. The music had stopped and I knew I shouldn’t be holding her anymore but we felt so right together that I wanted the moment to last forever. Eventually I released her leg, gently and slowly. She stared at me, hand still on my neck, keeping us together. I raised my free hand tentatively to her face and brushed away a strand of hair that had fallen across her eyes. As my fingers brushed her skin she let out a breath and I was suddenly drawn closer as she raised her lips to meet mine.

They were soft, smooth, and I felt an instant fire rise up in my belly. My fingers delved in to her hair and I felt her press her body against mine. It lasted only a moment, but as we parted the heavy heat in her eyes and the blush of her  cheeks made me sure it could not be our last. This was what it felt like to love someone.  

The End

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