Mrs. Smith

Me: Hello, Jane, it’s been a while.

Jane Smith: Hey, sorry I am late- I had to lose a tail. I don’t particularly want anyone to know I am doing this.

Me: Jane, an autobiography is painless. Your story is anonymous and pretty unbelievable, after all. It will be one of the easiest things you have ever done.

JS: I never do anything the easy way.

Me: Right- and how is John- err, Mr. Smith? Is your marriage… on an even level yet?

JS: Hardly. But the passion is absolutely incredible.

Me: Hmm, I would imagine. First, tell me a little bit about who you are. I know that you are not ‘allowed’ to tell me spy secrets or anything, but tell me how you perceive yourself.

JS: First of all, I am a skilled assassin. I have a sharp mind, a well toned and trained body, and know how to keep things concise and compartmentalized. Everything that I do is well planned and organized and that is the essence of my survival.

Me: Everything…. But marriage?

JS: Humph. My marriage is perfect.

Me: Sure. You still going to counseling, then?

JS: Yes. Because we choose to.

Me: Okay, if you say so. Do you have plans for children?

JS: What? I am a trained assassin, one of the best in the country. I hardly think that I am expected to settle down for that type of thing. Suburbia did not suit us, after all.

Me: I recall us talking about your failed attempt at a fake, normal life. And John?

JS: He is much more emotional than I. He speaks of quitting our trade and trying to settle down again. In my opinion, he is threatened by my superior abilities.

Me: Wow, that sounds a little harsh.

JS: Oh, we both know that I could have killed him if I had wanted to that night. I had the upper hand the whole time.

Me: Good thing you are still going to counseling…. How do you handle this secret life?

JS: We move a lot. Take on contract jobs separately. We tried to work some cases together, but it drove us against each other. I cannot stand what he calls his ‘instinct’…always changing my plans and doing what he thinks is best.

Me: So, what is-

JS: Sorry, but I have to go. You may want to go, also, that car has passed by twice in exactly three minutes. I will be in touch.

The End

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