Stefan Salvatore {The Vampire Diaries}

‘What’s it like being a vampire?’ I questioned.

‘Imagine it. You’re this supernatural creature that can only venture out at night; you have this constant hunger that can only be truly satisfied by someone’s death, your senses are super sharp, you can hear conversations from miles away. You have this incredible strength that you cannot control, the slightest pressure could easily snap a bone and you live forever, watching everyone you love die over time. It’s not the best.’

‘But surely there are upsides to it?’

‘Like what?’ he scoffed.

‘I don’t know, it’s got to be pretty cool being able to easily defend yourself. You have this amazing power; you could do anything you wanted… Besides, you can go out into the sunlight so it can’t be all bad for you. And you drink animal blood, so it’s not like you’re killing anyone.’

I’m not, but that doesn’t stop me from hating myself, from feeling guilty whenever I imagine finally giving in and accepting what I am, from imagining myself tearing open someone’s throat and draining the life from them... ’

‘That’s your problem. You spend all this time hating yourself for what you are when it’s not even your fault. You need to survive; it’s just how the world works. In a way you could say it’s the circle of life,’ I half joked.

‘You’re so naïve,’ he whispered.

‘I’m not naïve. The way I see it is a vampire isn’t a merciless, callous killer. It’s just another creature with an instinct to survive. Everyone on this planet is born with that instinct which only intensifies over time, vampires are no exception. You’re just surviving.’

‘I wish it was as black and white as that.’

‘Well…you do have this nifty little ring that allows you to walk in the sun. That has to be an upside,’ I pointed out.

‘Yeah, but it’s so fragile. All it takes is for it to slip off and I’d be in flames. Or imagine if the power left it, even just for a second. I’d be dead.’

‘You’re so pessimistic,’ I tutted.

‘I have good reason to be,’ he smiled sadly. ‘Anyway, I’m late for something; it was nice talking to you Katie. You have an interesting view on things.’  

‘Nice meeting you too, Stefan. I hope you find happiness soon.’

‘So do I,’ he sighed. ‘So do I.'

The End

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