A Spring Day

It felt like forever but now the times come,

the dirty will pass by as I rise up and up,

I break through the soil like a fish out of water,

and breathe in the air I have so long saught after.


Families, lovers and those who seek beauty,

come visit me and share in wonder and awe,

as snowdrops galore take over the country,

no words can express what splendour we bring.


Although our brief lives bring happiness and fun,

the winds blow us harshly and people bring us in,

divided from our friends, and taken from nature,

we are disgarded by others when our petals whither.


While we are believed dead and beauty corroded,

one will not believe what miracle ensue,

as out of our bodies seeds are dispersed;

in the next spring our children rejoice and fulfil our place.

The End

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