Dusty Teddy

Once, long ago, I was loved.

You loved me so much.

And I loved you.

Although I never got to tell you.

I loved you so much that I didn't care when you chewed my ear to bits. Or when my beautiful red ribbon got lost that Christmas Eve sledging. Or when that dog from next door found me, and some of my stuffing fell out.

Long ago.

I waited so long for a child to love me. I was nothing but a small bear, on the very top shelf of the toyshop. I watched and waited while dollies and doggies and moggies were taken by little girls and boys to love and cuddle them for ever.

But never me.

Then you came.

My own dearest. My own little child, to love me for ever, to care for me, to play with me. We had so many adventures, you and I. Teddybear picnics, swingseat songs, treehouse dramas.


Now I sit up here, waiting for a glimpse of you. Waiting for a child to love me again. Dust in my ears, my eyes, my nose.

Dust in my heart, where you once were.

All's dust for me now.

Please come back.

The End

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