On a Street Corner

I stand tall and erect, my bright colour shining out like a beacon to all who see me.  I have sat on this street corner for years, watching millions of people pass me by.  The occasional person has stopped, opened my door and picked up the telephone, but most people just keep on walking.

Over the years I have seen a snapshot of so many people's lives.  I have been privy to make-up calls, break-up calls, desperate calls for help and tearful calls home.  I have even been an accomplice to crime, allowing criminals to carry out bank raids, make ransom calls and calls of confession.  I have seen the arrest of some of these criminals, watching as the police cars come screeching up to me, guns drawn and lights flashing.

My life has been so colourful and I have seen so much but now I am useless.  People do not need me anymore.  I have been replaced by better technology, constantly improving methods of communication.  So now all I am is a curiosity, left to stand on the street corner, alone and sad, unloved and uncared for.  My red paint peeling and dirty messages scrawled across my glass.

The End

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