That Sunday afternoon


I hadn’t seen much in my lifetime. I had endured the same mundane tasks day in day out. That all changed however on what was supposed to be a relatively normal Sunday afternoon. I was waiting patiently on the kitchen counter, my slick, deadly surface gleaming in the bright artificial light. 

Voices could be heard from the room next door, impatient angry noises. Someone shouting at the top of their voice. One long, ear piercing scream and a scuffle. People burst through the kitchen door, crashing into the wall. From where I was sat I couldn’t see what the people looked like or what was actually going on, I could only hear and imagine. Somebody’s hand reached out and grabbed me round the middle, brought me sailing through the air and deep into something soft, warm and dark. A grunt. Another scream. Bright, warm liquid spilling everywhere. There was silence for a few moments before something heavy fell to the floor, dragging me down with it. 

There I stayed, in the warmth and the darkness. Something was making horrible gurgling noises and whatever I had been plunged into with such brutality was jerking, quivering and gasping until all fell silent.

The End

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