The life of a fake Christmas Tree

11 months of the year I live in the attic, abandoned and forgotten.  My world is dark, the spiders and insects my only friends. 

But as the days get warmer, I know the time draws near. December arrives, and with it the heat of  summer and soon the father is stealing me away from my dark home. I am taken out of my box and hosed down, my spider and insect friends evicted from their homes among me. A night to dry out and then I am carried inside. And then begins my time to shine.

I am afforded a place of honor, where all can see. The youngest girl remarks that I seem smaller than last year, and I try not to get offended. The ornaments are taken out of their boxes and soon are among me old friends I see but once a year. Lights twinkle in my branches and I know I am beautiful, for that one month, as presents are nestled among my feet. Yet I know that December will end, and I will forced back into my box again. But until then I will shine, and twinkle and be by far the prettiest Christmas tree around. 

The End

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