Last protag standing

A nine week contest the see who is among the best writers on Protagonize

This is a unique Protagonize competition. Each week I set a challenge for the ten writers and whoever fails to impress me is kicked out of the competition. Who will be able to stand out nine weeks running? Find out by following this competition until the very end

The entries are:

Dottylotti, Whitewine, Euphrates, SapphireSoul, xkatieshepherd, Westrina, Lexiehar, Writinc, Hollymajor and Trish

The first challenge begins today and will end on Saturday night at 21:00 Greenwich mean time (sorry if anyone is American, Canadian etc.) Come Sunday, I will judge and someone will be eliminated

The first challenge?

Personification. Write a short piece (no more than 200 words) about the point of view of an inanimate object. It can be in prose  or poetry you decide. Remember to think deeply about this object. What would it like and what would it hate?

The End

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