Challenge 2. Vermin control

As the winners of the last challenge, Team Giant went first in the next one. The seven dogs stood in a large pen with a giant haystack in the middle. The whistle was blown as a mechanical arm lifted up the hay, to reveal dozens of rats hidden underneath. The quick Italian Greyhound made the first kill while his team mates attempted to squat down to such a level. Once the time was up the score was 17.

Team Britain began thier time with the three small team members quickly scoring points. All except Bull Mastiff and Curly-coated Retriever joined in the major chaos. Thier score was an amazing 33!

Team Popular tried to go for gold with a quick Whippet and a feisty Staffy but in a way, they did not gel and the rats outsmarted them. They left the pen with a mediocre 22, at least they avoided elimination. 

Team Love rampaged the scene with thier feisty Westie who put them into third place with a smashing score of 20.

Team Pamper caused a stir by ending the time surprisingly well, small and tall dogs alike helped in securing a podium position and 28 points

Current losers went into the second challenge with something to prove. The Border Terrier was thier secret weapon who, along with his smaller team mates secured safety with a decent 24 points.

Team Giant were stunned to find themselves facing elimination. Nobody knew who was going home, except for the presenter. She announced the safety of Great Dane and Italian Greyhound, Akita and Beauceron. Nerves hit fever point when Irish Wolfhound was secured safety.

Vermin Control is what terriers excel at, leaving a shocked Chesapeake Bay Retriever to walk home.

The End

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