Challenge 1. Sledge pulling

High in the snowy plains of Alaska stood six teams of seven dogs. The Captains stood at the front of thier teams with the harsh wind whipping thier fur. The gun shot symbolised the start and as soon as it reached the dogs ears, they sprinted. Digging thier claws into the thin snow and ice, the pulled themselves and thier cargo through the woods.

None of the dogs present had been built for sledge pulling, but some such as the Japanese Akita were closely related. The Akita along with Team Giant pulled out in front, but were held back by thin coated Italian Greyhound. This dog was quick, weak and not built for these temperatures. This shaking mutt allowed Team Britain to catch up. As the two teams sprinted past trees and over mounds of snow, a problem was happening further down the field. Team Genius were in last thanks to one of thier team members nearly collapsing from hyperthermia. The Pharoah Hound was built for sprinting after gazelle in Africa. This was his worst environment.

As the finish line drew closer, Italian Greyhound finally warmed up. With his quick little legs and a team of giant dogs, he pushed the cargo of Team Giant over the finish line. Team Popular began catching Team Britain up, but the former was rivalled by Team Love. Snow fell as a brutal collision between the teams caused cargo and small dogs alike to crash along the snowy field. Team Britain, having already finished in second watched as Team Popular stood up and pulled thier remaining cargo along the snow. The straps broke as German Shepherd crossed the line, but it did not matter, they achieved podium position. As Team Love began sprinting, Team Pamper soon followed leaving Team Genius to face defeat.

Once all the team members had voted, they went to an elimination ceremony. As the dogs waited nervously, the presenter of the show announced Doberman and Golden Retriever were safe. As were Border Collie, Border Terrier and Standard Poodle. That left Papillon and Pharoah Hound.

All that remained was a shocked expression as Papillon was eliminated

The End

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