Ladies of the House No. 14

Musical Play :: Draft Plot

This is a project I am NOT seriously working on it. It is just a fantasy I have for the time being :)

This space will be reserved for the ideas I have for this musical.

Anyone is welcome to contribute.

It is a story about a young man who comes to the big city to pursue some information for his research on fantasy novels. he finds a cheap room at a building in a very poor alley. little by little he gets to feel that this alley has a very mysterious story. trying to ask anyone people start to tell him different versions of a story but they all have one main storyline.. a very rich merchant had 7 daughters and he used to own all this neighborhood which was the most beautiful garden in the country with fruits/flowers you have never seen. this man loved his daughters very much that he always refuses any one asking for one of his daughters' hand. but one day the girls sneaked from the place with the help of their nanny and came out to see the real world outside the palace. and the thing happened they fell in love with 7 men. they returned to the place and the 7 men went to the father to ask his permission, finally after he saw that his girls really wanting this, he agreed, so the night was magnificent everything was great. and every groom took his bride and the palace got empty on the father. he started missing them and bad thought kept circulating in his mind and an idea of getting rid of the grooms had arisen in his mind, get rid of the grooms get his daughters back in the palace. with the help of the black witch she put a curse on the grooms so that everyone of them die a very vicious death. the curse worked by the father didn't know that the witch has did also another thing. the grooms died, the daughters mourned and blamed the father, he couldn't stand their looks so he built them another palace and kept them there and forbids them from no going in not going out. the father's health went very bad after that and then he died but still the girls are locked in.. the witch came to visit them and made a bargain she told them that their grooms didn't die but they are kinda lost but if they want to see them again they will have to give her everything they own. and in return she will allow them to see their grooms every 7 years for one day and they agreed and told them in order to stay alive and keep their beauty they have to drink 7 drops of the blood of a man willingly to give them that every year for the 7 years. this is for curse to be work...year by year the girls were waiting in the palace waiting and the witch bring them the men. the witch started renting the land and there was no gardens left only gloomy buildings..
back to the time being and to this poor guy..the witch chose him to enter the house..after a number of trials. he enters...and gets to know every one of them. but little did he know the time in the palace not like the time outside spending one day could last him one year outside and he has to spend 7 days
it is just the main idea..still the story of the witch and the guy before entering and his story..and the deal to enter, and what makes him wants to enter, what will he find...the story of each girl..the fiasco about the time..what would it be after he finished his mission...etc
it has a temp title. the ladies of house no. 14
when this house becomes at most its happiest moments when it has the 14 inhabitants the 7 brides and the 7 grooms. one day every 7 years.
or i could add more evil to it by saying that the girls are fairies and they fell in love with 7 humans..where the witch made them work for her making gold strings or somethings, and the men didn't die at all but the evil witch put them in the same position to work for her and get to meet the brides every 7 years.
it kinda seems more ridiculous at the beginning but still the idea is being formulating

The End

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