La Vie En Rouge

love song

I waited for your call

And as I waited I half thought about watching porn or perhaps cleaning the bath tub

But sat by the phone and kept my computer on

Waiting for those tell-tale buzzes and bells

Because I find every moment I’m with you I’m closer to some sort of surrender



But I’ll be blue if you brush me off

I’ve been blue enough

I think

I’d like la vie en rouge

Love in full bloom

We can pick out the thorns as we go

And perhaps bleed a little

Blush a little


I turn of my computer and get ready for bed

I lie awake and think of you for awhile

And pretend your thinking of me

Perhaps a little more than me

I fold my hands over my chest and keep my heart locked once again

But when I dream it finds its freedom

Fluttering about my brain




In the morning will I find certainty

Or will you be like the rest and leave me in the gray

You already know what I want

My eyes are telling

What do you want?

What do you want from me?






La vie en rouge!

Life makes us fools

But we can be fools together

La vie en rouge!

Love makes us stupid

Love forces us to use our hearts instead of our heads

La vie en rouge!

Let’s be foolish

Let’s be stupid

Let’s be everything but alone

The End

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