The Next Age


For that you cannot hide beauty behind a broken smile

Is like the spirit of the Earth cannot be veiled in human shadow,

Not, at least, from the clear eyes of these last few who discern it.

Beneath the desecrated, defiled surface,

A new age begins the spread of its golden wings,

A golden era of relieved tranquillity,

The tender setting of lush, verdant verve.

Harmony, unity and serenity cultivate foundations,

And dominate sin, dictate eternal peace,

Is this wish not greater than the supremacy of man?

Must we govern the collapse of this home,

Knowing the duty of blame will be ours,

When our skies fall black and our water red?

Begin the conversion and amendment of our lives,

We can embrace the golden era,

If but we embrace the nature that is not ours.



The End

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