KoC~ Knights Of Concordia Technology

The technology that will come up in the story of KoC ~ Knights Of Concordia


Sol Gliders - A thin magic circular tablet that uses the spirit energy from the land and energy from the sun to power it. Stepping on the surface, you can it, making it glow blue. You maneuver by shifting you weight.

Deus Barrier - is a magical barrier like wall, which is used on gates, passageways, etc. You can only exit or enter the barrier, if you chant the correct spell. It is used to trap spiritual beings as well as humans. You also need to chant the spell to activate or deactivate the barrier.

Holy Seal - are markings that are carving, written or marked on objects surrounding the target to trap it, upon chanting a spell. This is more effective than a Deus Barrier as you can use it almost anywhere. But it only works on spiritual beings.

The End

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