KoC ~ Knights Of Concordia Terms

The terms that will come up in the story of KoC ~ Knights Of Concordia


Read terms only if you don't not under something in the story, or else it might be a spoiler, if you haven't even started.

* means it may contain a spoiler, if you haven't read the latest chapter. I put them at the end of terms, so you accidentally don't read them.

Mana - name of the land (world).

Animus / Spiritus - spirit.

Spiritus Kingdom - the kingdom which once spirits resided, they were worshiped as gods and lived along side the human.

Veneficus / Magus - humans with magical powers.

The Church - the Church is set aside for the explicit purpose of Deus worship. They believed and worshiped in Deus. Their only God. During the beginning of the New World. The Church and religion entered and united with almost every kingdom in Mana working along side the Kings or Queens of these nations.

Sanctus Kingdom - where The Church originated from, where the Sui Iuris lives, they dispatch clergymen and women to different nations and kingdoms in order to introduce their religion to them.

Sui Iuris - Patriarchs are head clergymen and women.

Deus Kingdom* - Formally known as Spiritus Kingdom, the kingdom was renamed after the church took control and expelled and executed all the Spirits and Magus.

New World* - the time when religion of Deus was practiced almost everywhere and when Magical Creatures and Spirits were banished to the wilds.

KoC (Knights Of Concordia)* - are a secret knighthood of warriors. They protect the balance and harmony of humans and spirits.

SoC (Spirits Of Concordia)* - are spirit partners of the KoC, who have made a pact with the KoC, allowing the KoC to summon or fuse with them into another form. Their spirit energy is transfered into their KoC Gate.

KoC Gate* - is a magical tattoo that serves as a gateway to a KoC's soul, allowing KoC to fuse their SoC into their soul or summon them, upon a chant.

SRG (Spirit Resistance Group)* - a resistance group that is attempting to take down the church and who despise humans.

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