KoC ~ Knights Of Concordia Character Biography

The character biography of the characters in the story of KoC ~ Knights Of Concordia



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Name: Triston Archer

Age: 7, 21

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Eye Color: Yellow / Red

Hair Color: Red

Weapon: Giant Sword

Description:  Triston wears a black gold-plated headband, he has short dark red hair, that reaches to the back of his neck, tanned skin and he's extremely short.  He has bright yellow eyes. He is also a bit muscular and strong. He wears a worn out, light brown shirt and dark brown shorts with worn out dark brown shoes.

*Personality: Triston Archer, a young peasant boy, who dreams of becoming a Knight of Spiritus with his childhood friend Reyna Lovet. He lives in Spiritus Kingdom with his parents, who are farmers. He's energetic and clumsy but brave. He possesses a great sense of justice and responsibility in protecting his friends.

*Goal: Restore balance in the world.


Name: Reyna Lovet

Age: 7, 21

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Eye Color: Purple

Hair Color: Purple

Weapon: Long Sword

Description: Reyna has fair skin, she is tall and very thin. She also has large purple eyes and long hair in a ponytail, which flows all the way down her back. She wears a worn out, light brown shirt and dark brown shorts with worn out dark brown shoes.

*Personality: Reyna Lovet, a young peasant girl, who dreams of becoming a Knight of Spiritus with her childhood friend Triston Archer. She lives in Spiritus Kingdom with her parents, who are farmers. She's a bit selfish, bossy and loud. But she possesses a great sense of leadership and pride in protecting the weak.

*Goal: Restore balance in the world.


Name: Cecil Jasper

Age: 6, 20

Gender: Female

Race: Human / Spirit

Eye Color: Yellow

Hair Color: Green

Weapon: Naginata


*Personality: Cecil Jasper, a young orphaned half-human and half-spirit girl, who dreams of being acknowledge by others and to restore the spirits back to their original place in the world of Mana. She lives in Spiritus Forest, alone. She's a cheerful girl, always smiling and making jokes. She possesses a strong connection with spirits and animals as well as hunting abilities.

*Goal: Repair the bond between human and spirits.


Name: Vincent Wes

Age: 8, 22

Gender: Male

Race: Human (Magus)

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blond

Weapon: Dual-sided twin blades / Bow


*Personality: Vincent Wes, a young orphaned veneficus (magus) boy, who dreams of destroying the Church and killing all humans. He lives in the underground, in the shadows, wandering from kingdom to kingdom. He's a dangerous criminal, who loves to fight and kill, he's cold and emotionless. But possesses a sense of morality with spirits.

*Goal: Kill the 4 Clergy heads that order the execution of the Magus and his family.


Name: Gin

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Race: Spirit (Silver Wolf)

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: Silver

Weapon: Fangs


*Personality: Gin, a lone spirit wolf, who has been chased away from his home, and his pack slaughtered by humans. He wanders from land to land scavenging the land, eating and killing anything in it's path. An emotionless wolf that kills humans and spirits, lone and bloodthirsty for battle and blood. He possesses a great speed and ferociousness.

*Goal: None


Name: Felix Ivory

Age: 35, 49

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Brown

Weapon: Hammer 

*SoC: Tizurl (Turtle/Lion)

Description: An old man. He is hairy and large, he has a messy beard. He smells of alcohol and sweat.

*Personality: A quick tempered old man, who possesses a lot of pride in his work as blacksmith also as a member of KoC.

*Goal: Protect Triston Archer and Reyna Lovet.



Gwen Archer - Triston's Mom.
Austin Archer - Triston's Dad.
Evelyn Lovet -
Reyna's Mom.
Sven Lovet - Reyna's Dad.
Joe Jasper -
Cecil's Dad.
Aurora - Cecil's Mom.
Victor Wes - Vincent's Dad.
Alisa Wes - Vincent's Mom.

The End

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