Kitchen Sink DramaMature

It definitely descended much darker than I meant it to, but I literally wanted to create a dance around our kitchen sink, washing the pots, grabbing for the radio, getting things out of cupboards. Instead, I ended up with this self-indulgent-Kane-inspired-not-quite-almost-sort-of-play.

Y: Sherlock Holmes.

D: Clash of the Titans.

Y: 300.

M: No! No!

D: Avatar.

Y: Seen it.

M: Let’s go.

Y: Seen it!

D: Wait. Pots.

Y: Let’s go.

T: Got work.

M: Stay here.

D: Earn your keep.

T: They’re not mine.

D: Not mine.

M: Or mine.

T: His.

M: Do it anyway.

T: Got work!

M: Takes minutes.

D: Back soon.

T: How long?

Y: Never.

M: Not long.

D: A few hours.

T: Have fun.

She smiles. She is happy at this point .M, D and Y leave. We hear the door shut and the car drive off. T turns on her music and runs the water. The song is The Feeling,” I Love It When You Call”. She sings along loudly and badly, dipping things in the hot water. She winces at first then becomes accustomed to the temperature. The phone rings. She quickly dries her hands, turns off the music and picks up the handset.

T: Hello? Hello!...Hello. Hi. Hello.


I’m doing the washing up, they’ve gone to see a scary film and left me at home I don’t know what film but it has bleeding and screaming and dying in it I can’t take it...

I know that’s just me...


when you say my name like that you have something to say but you don’t want to say it so I’m bringing it up in order for you to start saying and me to start listening...

yes, I meant talking not saying, shut up...

’kay, listening....yeah........

The smile goes. T stops moving completely.


I know...

Long silence.

You didn’t need to clarify. I know you’ve already made up your mind. You um and ah and maybe, but you’ll do what you were always going to do. I mean, hey (shaky laugh) University. I’d only... I’ll just...


I know....

and that’s not something I want to do either.

I’m yours as long as I live




I love you too.



The End

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