A rather bite-sized, ultimately SMALL anatomy or rather an explanation or insight into kissing.

Ahah This is going to be one of those cliché subjects that isn’t really talked about anymore (God I love my oxymoron’s) So I’m not quite sure what bought me to this exact subject, it could be the music I’m currently listening to? (A mix of We the Kingsand Kings of Leon) I’m not so bothered to what sparked my curiosity to write...Or rather type about this, but it came to me so I got typing.


So...Kissing? What would most people see it as? I mean in some cultures it’s a taboo to kiss, whilst in modern cultures like ours kissing is as normal as walking. Of course you’ll get the inevitable snickering and giggles but its normal nowadays right? I mean how would you describe kissing? (Leave a comment?) I suppose I could say it’s some sort of physical sentiment to the person we’re kissing. Showing them that we love them, or have some sort of care, but of course there are different kinds isn’t there? Kissing your mother on the cheek is different then kissing your one and only passionately. Funnily enough though, both are just methods of showing love to a particular person, one of course is more intimate then the other, but the reason is still there. Of course there are different types of kisses according to method ahah but I won’t go into that just yet for the sake of the minds that are reading.


So does anyone remember their first kiss? That sudden rush of blood running through your veins and the feeling of almost becoming one with that particular person, although as far as I remember I hear most kisses are often just drunken encounters that’ll never happen again, I suppose whatever state we’re in at the time...Its still intimate and we still take something of that person with us and I don’t mean that in the literal state either. Then again, some people are lucky to have full control over their body during that first contact, the standing of hairs on your arms and the back of your neck feeling the full impact of what you’re doing; romantic kisses as they call them and of course the more intimate you get the more action takes place. I’m not saying that a kiss has to lead to something else; a simple kiss can always do the job. I think we’ve all heard of the French kiss. Some people despise it and others just think of it as a more sensual and intense kiss. Yes, Yes it involved the tongues and that may seem ‘icky’ but did you know its also known as the ‘soul kiss’ because its thought that through this type of kissing the soul and thoughts of both partakers are passed to each other through the exchange of breathes. Surprisingly the French call it an ‘English kiss’



Ultimately kissing is a rather intoxicating sensation wouldn’t you agree

The End

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