She paled her face and painted her lips

Like the Geisha’s of old, she wrapped on a pale blue kimono and set to work

They only know her this way

In a smoky bar she fans herself

It’s the only way to dry the tears



They call her Lily

Though it’s not her name

They laugh at her name and say it sounds like a Chinese dish

Oh she’s a nameless one but never ever divine

And perhaps that’s all she was meant to be

They sold her and she shagged her way from Beijing to Amsterdam

From Amsterdam to Nice

And finally to America


She follows the eyes

Those droopy drunk eyes

She sinks in the chair next to him

He sinks further in his

The world is a long and lonely place

At least that’s what he tells himself




He falls asleep in her arms

He’s not like the rest

Those with fingers like scissors

But she’ll still feel her finger tips

Long after he’s gone

The bills blacken her fingers

And fills their tiny spirals




And then it will be back to being perched

Never slouched in a bar stool

A life flat on her back

A life time of staring at ceilings

Cause closed eyes only give you dreams

 Dreams that never come true



The End

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