Killing My Thoughts

A ranting piece by myself. Angry, definitely, and written with dedications to two of my "friends" - Cameron and Claire, my darlings, this is for you. Next time you decide to betray someone, don't make it me, and learn to think with those miniscule brains of yours.

Frustration versus silence. Which is preferrable? Would you rather ask questions and scream from the rooftops or keep them inside, saying nothing?

Is there a middle ground, at least? There has to always be some kind of alternative, but finding it is the difficult part.

Bonds are so hard to break. You can't slip up and fall on them, causing a hairline fracture that will eventually shatter the bond like glass. They are indestructible, invincible.

My frustration takes a hold of me, of my heart, and it twists until I can take no more. The pain is too unbearable. I cannot break free until I give in. I try so hard not to, but nothing can stop the inevitable. It is already bound in the writings of Fate.

It cannot be undone. The mouth opens and only rage spills out, to the annoyance of the others that are forced to listen. This will tear at the fragility that is a friendship, which can be blown away with a mere whisper of the wind.

It can be torn just as easily as it is formed. It is so very delicate - one word can bring it down. It turns to hate before you can comprehend the fact.

You hurt me. You hurt me. You hurt me.

Now listen as my tears fall, crashing against the bedspread, as my heart seizes up, as my lungs collapse.

You caused this. You caused this. You caused this.

Was I not good enough? No, not for you. Never enough for you.

The End

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