it all started 6 years ago, when my life started to fall apart.

My life was as perfect as a 10 year olds life could be until the day it happened. It was a perfect summer’s day when there was a knock at the door. When I answered I was shocked to find two police officers standing in front of me. I turned to my best friend Logan who still had a smile from the previous conversation on his face which soon faded. “Hello I’m Constable R. McLachlan and this is senior sergeant M. Hammet” said the tallest police officer. “Is Mr. Penn home?” asked constable McLachlan in a sympathetic tone. Confused I invited them in as Logan fetched my father from the study. As they all sat down at the kitchen table my father asked for Logan and I to wait in my bedroom while he spoke to the officers. “Would you like a cup of coffee, tea, maybe?”Henry asked the officers.“No thank you” the offices answered in sync as if they had done it a million times before.“Mr Penn.............”  "please call me Henry” “Henry, there has been an accident” said sergeant Hammet “I’m sorry to inform you, but your wife Jane and your son Thomas have been in a serious car accident” he said in a sympathetic voice.“Are they ok?”Asked Henry, with tears streaming down his face.“Thomas is in hospital with serious injuries” Replied constable McLachlan.“And Jane?” Henry asked, his voice shaking.There was a long pause when constable McLachlan finally spoke answering with the two words that destroyed our family. “I’m sorry”. 

 20 minutes after constable McLachlan and senior sergeant Hammet arrived they had left. When my father called Logan and I out to the kitchen, and sat us down I knew straight away it was way more serious then Tom being in trouble again with the police. After watching my father pace the kitchen for a few minutes he sat down and that’s when I noticed how badly he was shaking. “Logan would you please wait in the lounge room?” my father’s voice was shaking more than his body as he spoke these words.“WhyCan he stay? Please dad!” I pleaded almost in tears. “I think it would be best if he waited in the lounge room, thank you Logan” dad said almost shouting.“It’s ok Kate I’ll be back.”Logan said as he left the room.“Kate your mother and tom have been in a car accident” dad said voice shaking and tears streaming down his face. “Tom is in hospital, but your mother......your mother......she didn’t make it!” he stumbled and even more tears came from his eyes.I knew something bad had happened but this was extreme!

 As I ran from the room Logan followed.“Kate...Kate wait up!” Logan yelled after me. After running for about 5 minutes I stopped I still couldn’t believe this had happened, I fell to the ground just as Logan caught up. Sitting in his arms felt comforting, I felt like my life was still normal like today had never happened.“Are you ok? What happened?” Logan asked, sounding like he didn’t want to find out the bad news. “Mum’s gone!” I managed before bursting into tears. “Tom is in hospital” I added in between sobs.“I don’t know what to say!” Logan said his voice shaking as if he were about to cry.“You don’t have to say anything! But will you walk me home please I want to see tom!” I said when the tears had finally stopped. I needed to be sure he was ok. I couldn’t lose him as well.

The End

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