A juxtaposition of justice? Its all about equality, spoken word/poem about equality.

Like common said: Justice is juxtapositioning us. Our belief can no longer reside in God, he ain't hearing above, our prayers are unanswered because they can’t pierce through his almighty earmuffs, our problems and troubles are down here in our gloves. The injustice cold like a winter. It chips away our pride like a splinter. I, we, can no longer stand aside and look. What MLK and X started we're bringing back to life, a revival; We shall write and learn our own speeches, then recite all. We will pave the way for justice and, equality; Where we will ALL have life of a quality. And not just survival. Because when a black man walks to the shops, police go "hands up". He’s scared, drops to the floor asking what hes done, the question goes unanswered like a prayer, the cop replies "stand up, man up". His pride slowly crumbles because he believes he is not man enough; trembling in fear he stands up. Looking up, the nozzle of a gun pointed between his brows; scared, he turns and runs, BANG BANG rings aloud. Both shots in his back, he falls to the ground, civilians look on and drop a jaw in an antonym of awe, INJUSTICE SERVED!  

And that can happen on a daily basis , yet authorities still believe they aren't racist? Yeah, the song that's played over and over, the only one in the playlist...

When did humanity divide into separate races? Lets work together, we are humanity, we are one!

The End

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