Look at You, by Frankie

It's like one shaky step forward. Then two straight back again.

It's the story of his life as he tries to get it on track again. (These lines need some adjusting. As the melody developed, they didn't fit in as well.)


She wants to hide away. She wants to take flight.

Instead keeps it all inside; sleeps on it every night.


But do you know where you come from?

Do you know what this means?


Look at you. Look at you.

Don't you think it's more than you can chew?

Look at me... Look at me

And tell me what it's gonna be.

(So what's it gonna be?

What's it gonna be?)


I don't know about you. But I think it's gone on long enough.

They say the toughest, they get going, when the going gets tough.

But in the darkest of nights we pray for the morning to come

But at the first light of the day wish that it was already done.


Why do we aim to go so far,

When we know we won't reach the stars?


Look at you. Look at you

The world is gonna swallow you.

Look at me... Look at me

And tell me who you're gonna be.

So who you gonna be?

Who you gonna be?


Take a moment to contemplate, to decide your fate.

(It's not too late.)

Take a moment and realize, look into my eyes.

(Coz when I.....)


Look at you... Look at you

It makes me want to cry with you...

So look at me. Look at me

And tell me who we're gonna be.

So who we gonna be?

Who we gonna be?


Don't know what to do. Wanna cry with you, wanna cry with you.

When I look at you, wanna cry with you, wanna cry with you.


(Yeah this song turned out a lot more depressing than I intended.

Which is the case with a lot of my stuff to be honest.)

The End

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