just my thoughts

How did I get here. 

All my friends, the few I had are all growing up.

They are all changing ,having fun.

Being in college and just living it up.

I'm stuck in the same old town , babysitting and working.

I'm stuck in this hole I made and it's all my fault. 

It gets lonely here sometimes, I need more friends to confide with.

I need to start living my life, I need to move on but how can I move on? 

I scared of being ordinary. 

My life is a scribble that I want to earse but it's too precious because I know where it began.

I want to move onto the next phase in my life, I have no idea what I'm doing anymore.

I'm a failure and a disappointment.

I do not want to be stuck anymore.

I want to be free from this hole :/ 

The End

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