Just Move

Wrote it on my phone while talking to a few friends.

So you think you know where you're headed, but all the craziness is flying around, confusing each dream with what you've been told you could never do. It seeps in, haunts your very spirit, clouds each part of your mind. You're not quite sure of what's happening around you, and as you look across all the discord, you somehow find peace.

So stand still. Stop running from what you know you're scared of. Look at where you are- a place to be thankful for. Motion. One foot in front of the other, always. Listen to the beauty of a sound called madness.

You're now at a crossroad. You've been down the road, back up it: faced trials you had thought you would never see. You don't know what you've lost, so you just keep pressing on, scared to look back, leaving it behind. You're wandering through a distant place- no comforts there, for sure. It's barren, dry, filled with ashes of what once was. You've lost direction, and all you have left beside you is a vague sense of what you once felt so strong inside your soul.

Forget where you are, everything, and stand still. Open your eyes- look at what really surrounds you. Your life, your past hopes, the people you left behind, too lost in your own selfishness to see into their problems. Stare toward the sky: toward the one who knows each imprint of your foot in the sand, each molecule of air that swiftly flows into your lungs. Stop trying to regain control.

You're thirsty, dying, searching with all of your might to find the miracle that will quench each need. Your spirit is dead, lifeless with no hope. You live only to sustain the flesh, the craving for more. More of what is only killing you, one needle at a time. You're falling deeper and deeper into a chasm of substitution. Nothing you've found has been able to fill the void in your soul. 

Please don't give up yet. Give me one more chance. Just stand still in the quiet, please, for me this time. Take a look at yourself, tell me what you see. What, did you just think I was going to let you lie in yourself, leave you decaying? No. You're more than that. You are not hopeless. There's life in your eyes, just a spark left. I always catch it when you look at me. Just breathe, the hurt's almost over. You know the one who can take it away- I've told you about him before, so many times. He'll pick you back up; he has pieces of you I never could find, even if I searched the world, corner to corner, forever. Listen to his plan, please. For me. Right now it's the best option you have. It only takes one candle to destroy darkness, you know. Let this one candle shine. This one time. 

It fills you up, from your head down to each toenail, even. Hope. It pushes out what you held on to, but what's inside you now is better. Stronger. Each fiber in your body possesses unearthly strength from him. He only gave it to you so you could finish the job, push away the demons that chained you, held you back from yourself for so long, then that you could go away to the safe place he has for you, in his arms.

All you have to do is move.

The End

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