My room.

Just thoughts I occasionally have that I feel like writing down. Completely me, honest and true, and occasionally un-proofed.

           I found myself cleaning out my room today. As a teenage girl, let me assure you that that rarely happens. I put a lot of things into boxes, mostly little trinkets that I have acquired in various ways throughout the years. I decided about a year ago that I wanted to redo my room, but was never able to until now. And while I may be moving out in only a couple of years, I feel like I need this. I'm only repainting walls that were already there, sure, but I feel as though a new coat of paint equals a new beginning; a new identity; a new reality. You see, I've grown up in this room, and I've had my room like this for the past six years or so. And while that may not seem like a large amount of time in the grand scheme of things, it seems like it is to me. This room of mine has gotten me through a year of middle school, two years of junior high, and halfway through high school (and those years can definitely seem like a lifetime sometimes). This coat of paint has been viewed by numerous friends, some of which stuck around, others not so much. This furniture has held tons of junk that I was too lazy to throw away, maybe because I didn't want to forget the memory they were linked to. Also, I've made a lot of mistakes. This room is where I've tried to forget about most of them and move on with my life.

           This probably sounds silly to some of you. You may be thinking "they're inanimate objects" or "yeah, so?", but I guess I'm a nostalgic person, because to me it's a little more than that. I get to say goodbye to the immature preteen/teenage girl. Yeah, it is just a room, and it is just covering up a coat of purple paint and getting new furniture. And yes, I am definitely ready to get new furniture that actually matches something other than the carpet in here. But most of all, I think I'm writing this because it puts into words what I really feel about this little art project of mine: I get to grow up, and make my room resemble the new me I've become instead of a constant reminder of who I've been these past six years. I don't regret these years by any means, but it does feel good to know that I get to put the past in the past without leaving home just yet. I'm never going to forget all the amazing times I've had growing up these past six years, not just in this room, but I'm definitely going to enjoy having amazing times in a "new" room, truly as the more "mature-ish" me I've become.

          This definitely exceeded the recommended word count, but I don't really care. I hope if you read this, you read it the entire way through, and I hope you won't judge me on it too harshly. This is the way my mind works, so I hope you enjoy getting to know a little piece of it.

The End

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