Just A Thought

The Etched City (by K.J. Bishop) inspired

I was quite angry at the time....

Who is this "God"? "God" is good and evil, perfect and imperfect, pure and impure, light and darkness, right and wrong, wise and ignorant, Stephen Hawking and George Bush, Abuser and Victim. But exactly WHAT is this "God" everyone speaks of? God is made out of "freaks" that put their bizarre bodies and/or minds into this "god" you speak of. Yet, these "freaks" are looked down on in society as nothing more than a pestilence, they are condemned to "hell" or even murdered by the same hands (serial killer) that caught them murdering for their own reasons. Who are WE to judge what MORALITY in man kind is? Who are WE to say what is right or wrong? Who are WE to think ourselves better than the person next to us? 

I end it on that note. Create your own answer. Giving you one would tell you how to judge people.

The End

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