Just a Star

Inspired by a book I have long ago forgotten the name of

Our lives are much like the universe

The universe itself, is our families and our friends

They, themselves, have their own families and friends, and are solar systems

We are distantly connected to them, some very much so

Some are more important than others

But they are still there

Some pass, and their solar system is gone

And there is a black hole where they used to be

We, ourselves, we are the constellations

Not the center of our solar system, but still essential to the balance

Some may notice our splendor

Others may gaze in awe

And for some, we are passed by like any other facet of life

But we are made of stars

Stars are like thoughts

Each one burning brightly, if only for a moment

Some way heavy, like the sun, and are the center of us

And those, though more depressed, weigh us down, balance us

Some are light and happy

And those are what pick us up when we are down

They make up who we are, but they are still important in the universe

For without stars, the universe would not exist

The End

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