Just A Little Something

This was just a little something that came to mind when I was sitting at the computer one day and just figured I'd put it up. Feel free to critique.

He turned the page of the rough textured sketch pad until he found a clear space for this new piece. The rest of the class followed as the rustling of busy papers and the clinking of charcoal in tiny glasses swept over the room. The model walked out, robed in white silk that hung maybe to mid thigh and draped off one shoulder revealing skin of fine china. With footsteps of a kitten, she padded up onto the platform in the center of the room, dropped the robe to the ground and turned slowly to face Caleb. The model was flawless. Her milky complexion glowed underneath the fluorescent bulb, reminding him of moonlight. Locks of platinum weaved in loose curls down to the curve in her back. She looked up at him, revealing ocean eyes and rosy cheeks. Her supple lips the sweetest shade of pink; she gave Caleb a timid smile that made his stomach flutter.

     The okay to begin was given and a heavy silence set in, just the occasional sound of switch of charcoals and Caleb began with her torso, brushing the charcoal down to recreate every detail, every delicate curve, every velvety shadow cast across her body.  She looked like some mythical creature out of a story book.  His eyes darted back and forth between her and the sketch until something caught his eye, he squinted. A small lump rested itself just above her hip.Taking a look back to the completed lower half of his sketch he confirmed, that was not there a second ago so, baffled, he began to copy the mysterious flaw, but when he looked back…it had moved. It now set itself right under her left breast and as he watched it seemed to slowly move it’s way to the center of her chest. His stomach tightened, his palms began to sweat. He wondered if she even noticed this strange occurrence happening on her body, so he looked for any reaction. She smiled at him, not the soft, shy smile he had received prior. She grinned at him. The grin was disturbing, spread across her face literally from ear to ear crossing her cheeks. Inhuman.  The protrusion on her chest burst, splattering droplets of blood across the white ground she stood on and something began to claw its way out, resembling a crab digging it’s way out of sand. It now spilled out, tar-like and reeking of blood and decay. No scream from the girl was uttered, instead she laughed. Cackled.  Caleb wanted to look away but could not, he was revolted and yet mesmerized, his eyes stung, his hand, which was holding the charcoal, cramped. But he still watched as the creature shed the skin of the girl whose hollow skin still held it’s menacing sneer. The demon stood itself up on the girl’s pelvis and spread itself out like some kind of peacock, creating a face among the rotting mess. It bared it’s yellow, barbed teeth and gave a loud growl. Caleb’s heart threatened to rip through his chest and his lungs failed him, he looked around at the other students, who were not looking at the creature but at him with terrified faces clearly not seeing what he was which frightened him even more. Caleb! , the creature screeched snapping his attention back to the beast. You gonna draw me like one of your French girls, Jack?!, the creature let out a screaming laugh at his own joke. It screamed, roared, growled. Caleb! Caleb! Caleb! Caleb cried out. Make it stop! He’d do anything to make it stop. The pain, the vision, the fear. Shut up! The more he pleaded the more it wailed in laughter. Caleb hit his head on the desk, the wall, and the floor. Anything. Anything to make it stop. Please! Please! Just one more blow. He felt the blood trickle from his hair, dripping in front of his eyes. One more. Maybe…maybe…He realized everything was silent but the creature stared at him still, still smiling. It came to him, inches from his face, and did nothing but take one black, dripping finger and nudged Caleb’s shoulder.

     He fell to the floor, charcoal fell from his hand, and he took one last trying breath. The class had watched the incident in horror. Of course they had not seen what Caleb had just seen. The instructor, Ms. McKnight, stepped over to Caleb’s lifeless body, trembling with the terror that coursed through her own veins after watching the horrid scene. “Someone call for help.”, she said her voice cracking and at least ten students pulled out their phones. Caleb’s blood pooled around his head, the floor sprayed in a fine scarlet mist, making some kind of trail. It caught McKnight’s eye, so she followed it back to the canvas. A small whimper escaped her throat as she gazed upon the most disturbing but beautiful piece of artwork. The bloodied background encircled itself around a gruesome figure, solid black and webbed like a spider’s stringy home, a face with evil eyes protruded out from a body of darkness, spine jutting out all the way up to the neck and sticky debris oozed out of it’s disgusting leer. Spiny fingers reached out, almost as if it were about to pull you into itself, into the picture. 

     Never in her years as an art instructor had she seen something so vile and yet so captivating. Even only looking at it she felt a chill down her spine, imagining what Caleb must have experienced to create such a disastrous piece and make him want to run away from it so badly that he gave his own life just to escape.

The End

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