We're Just PeopleMature

We're Just People 20/6/13

We're just people
Trying to live a life
The right way
We're just people
Keep on breathing
Nobody's the same

We've been used
Been abused
Been forgotten
In somebody's pile of baggage
We've been hurt
Been misheard
Been lost
On a empty sea

We're only human
So don't worry
when you've done
something wrong

There's no such thing as perfect
It's just a cruel illusion
Of desperate hearts
I choose to forget it
To live and breath
My flaw-filled state of mind

No matter what we do
There's going to be regrets
No matter what we believe
We're going to have second thoughts
But that's okay

If there was a rule book in this life
About how to do it all right
Would you really follow it?
I wouldn't
I'd spit in the face of the rules
Do it my way

We're just people
Trying to live a life
And get it right

We've been high
We've been low
Just like everyone else
We've been lost
In our own inner worlds of pain
It's just the way we cope
But don't you ever think
You're not beautiful
As you are

We're just people

The End

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