Ramble thingMature


The same old things ringing in my ears

You're so nice and
You're so clever
So why am I
Stuck in bad weather

The higher road
I'm always walking
Is starting to hurt my feet

When do I get to throw up my hands
Cry out my thoughts?
When do I get to yell out all the words
Crowding my head

You want to laugh and make a joke?
Or do you want to take this seriously
How do you expect me to open up
When you never quite get the message

Don't say you'll always be there for me
Cause I know
You'll join me in feeling low
And then who has to pick up the pieces again?

It's not fair

Who can I talk to?
About all in my head
Nobody can figure out
The right words to say
And I know it's not your fault
But it's getting harder everyday

I'll just keep pretending everything's all right
Even though you see my dead-eye stare
It's getting hard to care

Maybe one day
I'll throw it all away
Forget about all the responsibilities
Maybe one day
I won't dare
To ask you “why?”
When you say you're not okay

The End

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