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Internal Blabber 22/1/13

Clutch my chest
Hold my breath
Wait for it to pass
You say no reason why
Just something that comes and goes

And of course you sneer again
Calling me a hypochondriac
Sorry if I worry
When I get chest pain

Sorry if I worry
My doctor wrong about the cause
It's pretty rational
Compared to some things in this world.

Can I recall all those years
I researched things and came to a conclusion
But your attitude
Stopped me having it looked into

Well what happened there?
I was right
An iron deficiency
Caused by Coeliac disease
Okay, never suspected the last part
But I was on the right
Godamn track

Now stop throwing the word around
Just cause I comment saying
I'm catching a cold
Jesus Christ
It's not like I was claiming to be seriously ill
Just stating the fact

Now can we leave alone
My depression please
Don't hear your
And no I didn't
Want your response when I said I'd had
Another panic attack

And no for the hundredth time
I haven't fucking scratched again
But I swear to god
Your pushing me rather hard
Might just cave in

Oh god leave it alone
Just don't mention that again
Don't care what you think of it
I'm getting this counselling
Think they know more than you
Getting all my crap sorted
Maybe your just jealous

Cause hey
Let's face it
Got a messed up family history
So sorry you and mum never had the guts
To face your own miseries
But I won't let this thing control
No, it'll never own me

And I'll state my own opinion
Cause I think it's the deep down truth
You'd rather throw the blame of depression on me
And not face your own guilt
You feel bad
Cause I have gone through this crap
And you
You didn't see it at all
But hey
Wasn't like I was showing oh

Now can we please drop the topic?
Otherwise I'm gonna scream
All this internal blabber at you
And I really don't
Don't want to cross that bridge
So drop the topic please

The End

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