Is It OkayMature

Is it okay? (20/12/12)

Is it okay
If I choose to stay?
Will you mind
My unbelieving heart

Just want to sit
Enjoy the silence
Just want to wait
For the time to pass

For my thoughts to relapse
Away from the darkness
Infecting me

I've told you before
Don't believe your sacred war
But this place is perfect

The silence of the old stone
The pictures on the glass
There's a peacefulness here
I won't lie about it

Do you mind?
If an atheist sits here?
Will you get offended
If I choose to hide away
In this worship place?

I stare at the doors everytime I pass
So empty and calm inside
I want to go within
Just to ignore the world for a minute

So is it okay
If I choose to stay?
Just for a little while.

The End

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