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No Title - Just random spiel of words.... (8/11/12)

I don't like to hold back
That's me
I'll tell you what I feel
Make it concrete
Just don't try to pigeon hole me
I'm not somebody
Easily defined
I'm not a cliché
Or a nobody
I'm me

If I want to yell and be nuts
Then I will
If I want to stay quiet for a min
Then I guess I call it a day
I don't pretend to be more than I am
I've got crap in my head
But I get by like everyone else
I'm ready to laugh and shout
To actually live this life

Everybody's going out of they're way
To fit some stereotype
And honestly it bothers me
Why should we try this?
Oh, even those who are “different”
Are ending up the same
Why try to fit another's ideals?
When they're not real

Oh, nobody's perfect
So why are we aiming for it
It's the quirks that you hate
That make you who you are
That make you stand out from the crowd
And it's these little odd bits and pieces

That somebody's going to fall in love with
So yell and go nuts
Live this life
Enjoy the fresh air
Laugh every single day
Cause even if you think it's a terrible sound
Trust me, you'd be surprised
By how great it feels
To just live
And not care
Not give a damn
About what others think

The End

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