Among the ClutterMature

Among the Clutter 2/11/2012

Clear out the mess
Make things new and shiny again
Fix the bad and rotted parts
Dust down the cobwebs
Tidy up the emotions inside

Oh, it sounds so easy
When written down
And the mantra repeats itself
Just get by
But its not as easy
As we pretend
To find a smile
Among the clutter

I could explain to you
In so many written words
Every thought dashing through my brain
But it would not explain
This displacement
This feeling of pointlessness
I'm just trying to make it through another day
To find a smile
Among the clutter of me

I know the things I can do
To help my mind get through
I know a breath of fresh air
And the sun can help me get by
But sometimes
I just need to cry

And what's wrong with that?
We're allowed to feel mad
We're allowed to feel happy
So we gotta take the sad
And if it's becoming too much
Well I won't hide from the firing line
I'll dry my eyes
Once the release is done.

I won't give up
I'll move on and try again
I'll get by I swear
Because I'm started to get it
There's no ultimate happiness
There's just taking joy in whatever comes your way
And bracing yourself for the bad days

Just remember to find that smile
I know it seems hard
But its somewhere inside
Just gotta search
Among the clutter

The End

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