Today (19/10/12)

Why do people say
Go away
Why do people show
Only cold brutality
What happened
To being free
To dream?

Today is just another day
But it could be my greatest day
So I'll drag myself from this bed
Refuse to give everything up
Today could be that final day
Today could be crap as hell
Oh, well
That's life
Nobody knows what to expect
And I've no time to waste
Thinking on it
So I'll throw a smile to the world
And say hi to today

Tomorrow is a far off place
Yesterday is but a distant memory
So I say
Worry about just today
Take in the rain or the sunshine
Take my hand if your still unsure
And I'll show you
How to let go
How to follow wherever the wind goes

I don't want to look through
The photographs
And feel regret
I want to go somewhere new
Do something I've never done
I want to live this life
Bless it with a smile everyday
Ignore the dark inside
For as long as possible
And say hi
To another today

The End

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