Winter WonderlandMature

Winter Wonderland (13/10/12)

I feel restless
Feel agitated.
Like there's a fire under my skin
And it's refusing to let me win
I don't eat
I can't sleep
Welcome to the winter wonderland

There's no point here
In throwing a smile
There's no sense here
In acting like I give a damn
Because I really don't
I just don't
At all

All you'll get from me is a glower
And a glare
I don't want to sit and talk
I just want to ignore
Not to get so annoyed
When my vision randomly blurs

Welcome to the dark, long nights
Strangely there are no walls
I'll tell you how I really feel
Make it clear and blunt
I want to be alone now
Let me stew in my room

There's a difference between alone and lonely
I'm not sad sitting here on my own
But people always come near, oh, oh
And it bugs me more than you know
Just leave me be
Right now I hate people more than you'll ever know

I'm being clumsy
Making foolish mistakes
Makes me curse at myself
Makes me want to break something in half
I don't trust my instincts now
But I know that somehow
This will come to an end
But for now I need serious space

So stop trying to cheer me up
Stop trying to talk me up
I don't want it
I don't need it
I just need to you walk along

In case any of you were curious as to what happens to me when SAD takes hold 

The End

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