Response (1/10/2012)

I didn't know how to respond at the time
And it's been keeping me up
Countless nights
It's making me feel so in the wrong
You call me the one
And I
I don't know
If that's something I return

My vision of love is a fucked up mess
In my stories its so all over the place
In real life
Well honestly
I'm not sure I've ever felt it
I just know there are issues here
I'm running out of tissues dear

What do I say to that?
What am I meant to think now?
I'm left feeling guilty
Because I don't feel that strongly
And I know it's bad that I only write it
I should just say it to you
But I suck at speaking

I know
right now
I want to be with you
I know
right now
I need you here with me
But don't ask me about the future
I ain't got a clue
This is the longest I've been with anyone
I'm still young
I don't know what's waiting
round the corner

And if I was being truly honest
I don't have anything to compare
But I think this is love
But not on the same scale as yours
I don't think I'm capable of that yet

The End

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