A Story of TearsMature

A Story of Tears (22/8/2012)

There's a barren, broken land
With cracks in the dirt
That moves with the gusts
Of the relentless wind

The trees are thin and bare
There's no hope in the air
Because it hasn't rained in
Far too long

And the birds avoid
Singing their lilting tunes
Because they know
It just won't do

And the sun beats down
White hot and cruel
And then the moon
Freezes everything
Making the cracks grow deeper still

There's no clouds above the desert landscape
And the girl who sits on the heated ground
Longs to feel grass between her toes
And the rain beatings down on her face

But this is a barren, cold world
Things like dreams don't come true
Still she meets the gaze of suns rays
Not caring if she goes blind
Because she knows somehow
There's something better meant for her

Then one day
The cracks tore asunder
And everything that had been held deep inside
It came pouring out
The desert didn't need the clouds to feel the rain
because within it was a lake
Just waiting to break

Oh, I'm waiting to break
Because once time has passed
The bruises won't last
But the aftermath
The thing you forgot about

Is once the rain has come
The grass will start to grow
The sun has lost this time
And rain will surely pour down

Because once the barriers been broken in such a way
An oasis can only bloom
Because there's nothing left to hide
Under the ground

Oh, under your skin
Let the tears out
Trust me you won't drown
As the empty desert ceases to be

The End

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