Enter my life, reader!

It's a to do list

To do

Lose weight. Appearance is a part of the first impression with the people you meet, whether it's online or irl.

Study for law school exam. I've been procrastinating, or rather, just lazy and keeping myself occupied with trivial pursuits of stimulation. Protagonize is not one of them. This is serious stuff, guys. I've read so many good works of literature here, and most of them are way better than my rambling on screen. Congratulation, protagonists! You all got it.

Keep track of physical and mental health. Eat right. Always keep in mind that the world exists outside of my senses, and love people for what and who they are. Never again fall for the honey that is solipsism. Do not despair over the unknown nor the known, but accept them to be helpful and kind, in the long run, for sure.

Most importantly, have fun, and stay true to myself, my family, my facebook friends, and my readers here on this site. Suffer in privacy, and spread joy in public. My sorrow is my own; my happiness is for all.

Throw hate away. Play catch with love.

The End

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