Jedi Story

"R6," Aja hastily stuffed robes and clothes into a sack on her bed. The droid beeped curiously and rolled towards her, "I need you to come with me." The light that served as an eye to R6 turned blue and back to red as he responded with a series of sounds. He swerved to be at her side. 

Aja grimaced, "No, I don't plan on telling anyone where I'm going. And we're leaving tonight." Notions, worries and torments plagued her mind. Be mindful of your thoughts, her master would say quite often. Aja shoved them aside and slung her pack over her shoulder. 


She leaned back in the vertical seat. Gravity pulling her baby down onto her spine and hips was excruciatingly painful. Aja breathlessly ordered R6 to start the engines and take off, one hand on her large pelvis; the other, white knuckling the arm rest. As soon as the ship was level, the pain subsided. 

"Could have chosen a better ship," she grumbled, resting her head back, breathing slowly through her mouth. The journey through the atmosphere of Coruscant was steady, if a little nerve wracking. The Chimera II was adequate, large enough to have a kitchen and sleeping area, but small enough to be unnoticeable.

Aja unhooked her harness, and pulled a small card out of her pocket. Twirling it between her fingers, a cool sadness swept over her, covering up the simmering anger. She placed it in a receiver, and it replayed the message Martin had sent. His blue image shimmered before her. Aja reached out and gently brushed the hologram, making it fuzz slightly. He stood with authority, hood up and arms folded. 

"Draethos, as we know, was once an abandoned Sith planet. My months here have, since arriving, proved useless. However, after a scan of the planet, my R9 unit discovered a medium sized settlement. I'm actually standing a ways away from the town, but there doesn't seem to be much activity. There is a large building brooding over everything else. I've been sensing dark side Forces emanating from it. I'm hesitate to go in, for fear of being discovered. I realize that if this is the Sith outpost we've been looking for, it wouldn't be wise to go in alone. So I- " He trailed off, staring at something. He then drew his lightsaber and counter parried another lightsaber slashing down at him. The hum and crash of the graceful weapon was painful to listen to.  

Aja placed a hand over her mouth to prevent from sobbing as she watched the duel. It was beautiful in it's aspects; she had always admired Martin's fighting style. But the man, she thought it was a man, her love was fighting was superior to his skills. He brushed Martin's assaults away like they were made of silk.

She pressed the button to stop the message as Martin was down on his knees before the Sith. Before he died.

Before he was murdered.  

R6 cooed at her, as if attempting to comfort her. A mournful smile spread across Aja's face. She patted and stroked the green droid and said, "I'm glad you're with me, R6. You're much better than any other protocol droid I've ever met." He responded with a quiet but high pitched beep. 

The End

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