Jedi Story

The Council didn't seem surprised at her loud entrance and demanding tone. Aja's heart drummed in her chest and thumped in her ears. 

"Speak," one of them said, almost monotone. The circular room echoed his voice, making his authority more obvious. Aja drew in a deep breath, straightened her back and clasped her hands in front of her bulging belly. A slight kick trembled her skin beneath her robes. 

"I received a message from Master Martin," her voice cracked with emotion, but she stared straight ahead, "He said he found what we were looking for, but was interrupted by an attack and didn't finish his message." One of the Council members stood and slowly walked up to her, blank faced, but his eyes were tender, and framed by silvery hair. That tenderness caused Aja's eyes to water with sorrow.

"Master Martin did indeed find what we were looking for. I don't know how you got this message, it was for Council only. But he sent the droid himself, so he must have told it to come to you before his final moments descended upon him," he gently took both of her shaking hands in his, "I realize that with your current condition, your emotions know no bounds," Aja looked away, but did not remove her hands, his were soft and warm, "and we all mourn this great loss to the Order, but we mustn't lose sight of what is important." He paused and placed his thumb and finger on her chin, pulling her to face him.

"There is no death, there is the Force."


Aja sobbed into her pillow, not restraining herself. Months of pent up anxiety, worry and fear flooded on her all at once. Her belly bounced as she cried. 

She would never see him again. She would never hold him, touch him, kiss him or anything with him again. Aja could never laugh with him. Martin wouldn't be there when she had their baby, or see their child grow strong in the Force. 

"Not like they would let us see our baby anyway," she whispered, a strange calm overcoming her. It was deeply uncomfortable the way she laid on her bed, but Aja didn't move. Her heart beat began to slow down, her thoughts becoming more and more clear. She saw all the wrinkles in her white and brown robes, the dust on her desk, and the different shapes in her ceiling. 

I have to leave. I must leave.

The End

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