Jedi Story

She gently stroked her bulging stomach as she looked out the window. Her pregnancy had allowed her to halt her duties as a teacher, which gave her lots of time to herself and her studies.

Aja sighed and went to go sit in her desk chair. Grunting quietly as she did so, she dragged her books closer to herself. She had found where white crystals and grown long ago, but the Council had restricted her to the Temple. 

Basically under house arrest. She thoughts trailed to Martin. His broad shoulders and thin hips. The way he looked at her with his soft brown eyes. Months had gone by without a single letter or message, but Aja knew he loved her still. 

A soft knock came at her door, metallic sounding. Aja ran her fingers through her hair and allowed them in. It was a courier android. 

The monotone voice crackled slightly, "Message for Aja Killian, from Martin Zaleskas." She quickly stood up, and regretted it. Her head thumped and her vision blacked out for a second, but she managed to say, "Give it to me please."


Aja marched down the halls, padawans running to get out of her way. Hot tears raced down her face as she headed to the Council Chamber. She force pushed the door open, almost yanking the door off it's hinges. None of the Council members jumped at her coming or rudeness. Aja stood in the middle of the floor.

"I demand an audience," she said with gritted teeth. 

The End

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