Jedi Story

Aja and Martin stood before the Jedi Council. Their faces blank of emotion, staring straight ahead. Word of Aja's pregnancy had spread throughout the Temple, and the Council had it brought to their attention, but they wouldn't say who. 

"Aja Killian and Martin Zaleskas," one of the councilmen began, "Both of you have obviously broken the Jedi Code of attachment." They both nodded solemnly. Aja held her breath. 

"We will not terminate the child or either one of you," Aja felt relief wash over her like a cool river, "However," Aja pulled herself back to the present, "We have to have some sort of punishment for breaking the Jedi Code." She stole a glance at Martin as he took a deep breathe. If only the Force could allow thoughts to be communicated. 

"Martin Zaleskas, you are called to the Outer Rim for a series of missions concerning Sith rumors in specific areas of the Outer Rim. We know you have extensive knowledge on the Sith." Aja tried to hold herself in check, but she still felt one rogue tear trail down her cheek. 

"Martin," She tugged on his sleeve as he packed his robes, "They're trying to take away our humanity. We could just run," Aja dropped her hand and stared at the floor, "The galaxy is a big place." Martin turned towards her, his eyes swimming. He pulled her close and held her. 

"I can't,"  he whispered into her ear, "If we run, we will be hunted." Aja sobbed into his shoulder.

The End

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