Jedi Story

 5 Months Later

Aja leaned against the railing of the Jedi Temple, the wind bellowing her robes around her. The life inside her begging to be known, she sighed with a smile and turned to go meet Martin. The grand hallways welcomed her with their silent embrace. Her footsteps echoed off the intricate marble floors as Aja made her way to the library. 

Martin's eyebrows were furrowed together in concentration while he was bending over a large book at a desk. Aja lightly placed her hand on his broad shoulder. He grumbled as he leaned back in his chair. 

"Nothing coming up?" She asked, peering at the book. It was a history tome on the origin of Sith. Martin stood, wrapping his arm around her waist and pulled her against him.

"Sadly, no," he paused, a confused look on his face, "Are you feeling alright?" Aja smiled, lightly grabbed his hand, and placed it on her stomach. His eyebrows went up as his mouth slowly dropped open.

"Can you feel the Force there?" She whispered. He nodded in silent surprise. Breathless, he kissed her several times, repeating how much he loved her in between each kiss.

"I can't believe it!" He picked her up and spun, knocking the book off the desk and the chair over. Martin's face was bright with excitement as he dumped a million questions on her. Aja gently placed her fingers on his lips to quiet him, "It's too early to tell, but we can start thinking of names," she then pecked his cheek while his eyes glazed over in thought. 

The End

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