Jedi Story

Aja and Martin sat down on a bench. The busy life of Coruscant muted by the large windows round about them. 

"Okay," Martin confided, "So I did find something, but I wanted it to be private," he sighed, leaning forward and kneading his eyebrows. Aja could tell something was amiss. 

"Well, what is it Martin?" Her voice slowly rose in concern. She hated seeing him distressed like this. 

"My mission to Moraband, the ancient Sith planet, wasn't as academic as I, well, we had hoped," He looked at Aja, his face tense, "There was a library, no doubt about it," This peaked her interest immensely, "But it was all scorched to a crisp hundreds of years ago." Aja's heart sank as she slouched.

"All that knowledge lost," she whispered. That library had been the last hope she had for finding what she needed to complete a piece of herself. Martin sat up and brushed her hair to the side. She looked up at him and smiled. She could never remain sad for long in his company. Martin's face was always bright and full of hope.

"But," he trailed, "I did find this." He pulled a small, palm sided leather bound book. It had strange symbols on it. You can see where the fires licked it, she observed. 

Aja tentatively reached out to hold it. It felt hard and light in her hands. Holding her breath, she opened it. It was written in a sharp looking text, but she could translate it.

A Study on White Crystals and their Relationship with the Force

She could not believe what she was reading. Her mouth dropped open, her eyes wide with shock. 

"Martin," she whispered, forgetting to breathe, "This... It can't be-"

"It is."

Aja looked up at his big dark eyes, expecting to see the light of the trickster in them. They shown with happiness, not from a well played joke. Aja could feel the unwarranted tears sliding down her cheeks. 

This will change everything.

The End

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