Jedi Story

This is another dream of mine!
I sure do have a lot of those don't I?

Aja Killian smacked the head of a nearby Padawan Learner as she observed what they had done to a fellow learner of the Force. 

He was hanging upside down from the 10 feet high ceiling.

"Alright," she demanded, flipping her hair over her shoulder, "Which one of you little demons did it?" All of the learners gave her big innocent looking eyes. Aja scowled. 

"Go to it, then," She raised her hand and brought the poor boy down. The other little ones scattered to their classes. Running her fingers through her dark hair, Aja sighed. 

If only he was here to help sort these things out. Aja untied her cloak and placed it on a nearby chair in the atrium. She began to stretch. Thankfully the Jedi Master's robes are loose and comfortable. She forced herself into the air. Floating slowly upward, Aja relaxed every muscle in her body. Inner peace...

She flipped through the totem. 

"Nothing but trouble," she muttered. The book was on lightsaber crystals, describing prime conditions for their growth and how you could harvest them. 

"Another misleading?" A masculine voiced whispered behind her. Turning slowly and smiling, Aja looked up at the tall man. 

"Martin," He grinned.

"Miss me?" She turned away, reaching for another book. 

"Not particularly," Aja sighed, flipping through it. Placing the book back on the shelf, she said, "What did you find?" Martin's face drooped.

"Nothing, not a damn thing," He gently touched one of her shoulders and led her out of the great library.

The End

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