This part is a little awkward...

Amber's POV

We get into Jayle's room and he hugs me... is he... crying?
"Jayle? What's...!"
"Shhhh. Be quiet."
He lets go of me and shuts the curtains. I'm standing awkwardly in the middle of the room. He pushes me down on his bed. He's lying on top of me.
I can tell that we're both blushing.
"Jayle are you cring?"
"Shut up... I'm not I'm just... scared."
He's shaking, he seems nervous but he also seems terrified of something. Maybe it's Scarlet. It seems he doesn't want to tell me what happened.
"Amber, please be quiet... I just want you to listen."
"I tried to break up with Scarlet because I don't love her anymore... I love someone else." He blushes. "And I think we both know who it is."
"Mm... I think I know."
He kisses my neck all the way down to my collar bone. I get a little scared, so I try to push him away but I can't help myself. I give in to his loving grasp. I kiss
him on the lips and then realise what I've done and try to shy away from him. It's not working. I keep giving in to him. I love him too much. And knowing he loves me
back makes me one of the happiest people in the world. I don't know what he's doing, I'm too young to understand. I want to ask him, but he'd laugh at me.
"Jayle? I... don't understand what we're doing... I'm too young to understand this."
"Amber, it's okay. I won't make you do any more than you want to. If you don't understand then maybe we should stop."
"I don't want to stop... but I just want to know what's happening." I'm blushing so much.
"I'll stop Amber. We can continue tonight. I'll explain before I do anymore to you. But..." He holds me tightly "At least let me hold you. Just for a while."
"Okay Jayle..."
We walk downstairs again, Scarlet is still going crazy outside. She glares at me, I hide behind Jayle. He leans down and tells me it will be alright. He takes the
key from Kyle and unlocks the door, then he walks outside to the crazy woman. Before he leaves he says to Vienna, "If it gets bad... make sure Amber doesn't see."
I want to know what he meant by it, but then I wish I hadn't asked. As soon as he steps outside Scarlet punches him in the face. Jayle doesn't resist. Usually he would
but this time he isn't.
"JAYLE! NO!" I run towards the door. I try to get the patio door open so I can help him, but Vienna picks me up from behind and sits me down on the couch next to Kyle.
I don't want this. I want to help him. Vienna shuts the curtains and then when they're shut we hear Jayle retaliate against Scarlet.
And then we hear something getting hit against the wooden floorboards outside. Jayle walks back into the room with a little blood around his fingers. He picks me
up in a hug. He starts stroking my hair, everyone seems a little confused. I'm blushing and crying. I was so worried about him.
We sit everyone down and explain what happened between us. Vienna is sitting there in shock. Kyle had his ears covered my Mirage the whole time, and Mirage had his
ears covered by Vienna.
"So wait... Amber left the room that we were all in, went to your room and her being there made you think about how you liked little children? What!?"
"Not quite Vienna. I thought I loved Scarlet, then Amber... and now I know I love Amber and not Scarlet."
I cuddle into his arms.
"But... you're 17... she's 10..."
"Then I'll wait for her."
Everyone simultaniously says "AWWWWWW~!"
Jayle and I both blush, but we say no words.

The End

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