Amber being the 10 year old she is

Amber's POV

I walk out of Jayle's room and go downstairs. No one else is up but me and Jayle. It is about 7 in the morning. I'm sitting blushing and then I remember... JAYLE HAS
A GIRLFRIEND... what have I done? Jayle walks downstairs and we talk for about an hour, when we hear people getting up Jayle gets up and walks away from me. It makes
me feel kind of sad but I guess it's better for us. Scarlet walks downstairs and kisses Jayle on the cheek. I can see he is starting to blush as he looks at me. I
cough. "Oh sorry Amber. I didn't see you there. Me and my BOYFRIEND were just going to go out for the day."
"No, it's fine Scarlet."
Scarlet grabs Jayle's wrist. Jayle walks past and winks at me. I blush. Everyone else wakes up and when Vienna walks downstairs I jump on her. I do love Vienna, she's
sweet and she invited me here. But she's really over protective of Zenalth. "Morning Amber! Want to help me make breakfast?"
"Sure! Also, Jayle and Scarlet are out so we don't have to make anything for them."
As soon as I say that Jayle runs into the room and hides behind Zenalth.
"You will never hear me say this again, but pie lover please help me!"
We are all shocked about what he just said. "Jayle!? I'll keep you safe~ What's happened though?"
"AMBER! I NEED TO SPEAK TO YOU! Everyone keep Scarlet out of the house. She's gone mad."
Jayle grabs my hand and drags me upstairs to his room.

The End

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